Bridesmaid Proposal


I got engaged earlier this year (WhooohoooO!!!!) and was recently thinking of how to pop the question to my bridesmaids (which made me super appreciate the challenge my fiance had!). I wanted the ask to be special and meaningful. I wanted to leave them with a lovely keepsake. And I wanted to include a note. So I hit up the craft stores and ended up coming up with this sweet thing!


Small Apothecary Glass Jar, Locket, Ribbons, and Paper

{Step 1: Decorate the Jar}

I wrapped the bottom of the jar with printed paper and taped a gold ribbon over the paper. I sprinkled gold glitter over the lid to match. And lastly I created the pink and white paper tab, thread a thin pink ribbon through it, and wrapped it around the neck of the jar.


{Step 2: Write a Note}

I took the same paper that I used to decorate the jar to write a small note. I scrolled it up and sealed it with a sticker.

bridesmaid proposal

{Step 3: Personalize the Locket}

I printed a couple of small pictures, trimmed them to size and taped them to the left door of the locket. This way there is a photo on the front of locket and another one when you open the locket. On the right door of the locket, I taped a piece of paper with my proposal!

bridesmaid proposal

{Step 4: Putting it Together}

I added some shredded white paper in the jar to cushion the locket and scroll and then just put it all together!


More Ideas

I made a different jar for each of my bridesmaids so here are a few more design samples to spur your creativity 🙂

bridesmaid proposal