Personalized Bachelorette Gift


The bachelorette party is almost here. You can already see your friends on the dance floor, all glammed up, hands in the air… but wait, what are you going to get the bachelorette?! Make her a personalized frame so she can put up the pictures commemorating her best time out with her girls!


Frame, Decorative Paper, Letter Stickers, Decorative Stickers, Washi Tape, Wood Embellishments, and Photo Corners.
JJ's Bachelorette.001

{Step 1: Design}

Spread out your decorative material and start to design a layout. This process is iterative and will require several – possibly many – tweaks before you figure out something that you like.

Tip 1: Select materials with colors in the same family group. They will complement each other and bring the piece together.

Tip 2: Think of your big pieces first – the rest can fit into place easier. ie. I determined placement for the title, picture orientations and “Best Friend” wood embellishment and then filled in the rest, constantly adjusting my pieces along the way.

Tip 3: Rather than struggling to imagine something, I encourage you to place items in different spots just to see how it looks. Sometimes it’s just not until you see it that it clicks together. I tried the “Best Friend” wood embellishments in all four corners before deciding it looked best on the lower right.

{Step 2: Glue/Sticker it in Place}

Tip 1: Glue is very forgiving. If you place something down and it doesn’t look good, you have 30 second to a minute to adjust it depending on how much glue you added.

Tip 2: Same with stickers. I stickered “JJ’s Bachelorette” and realized it was a little crooked when I was done so I carefully peeled a couple letters back up and stickered them down again.

And then voila, you have created a masterpiece she’ll love!