Make Your Own Perfume


Every week, I pass by a flower bush with the most wonderful smell. Even when I’m running late, I would stop for a quick minute to smell the yummy fragrance. Yesterday, I finally nabbed a few flowers to try to capture this floral scent in a bottle. It worked pretty well!


Flowers, Cheesecloth and Perfume Bottle

{Step 1: Clean the Flowers}

Pluck the petals, put them into a bowl, gently rinse with water and then drain the water.


{Step 2: Soak the Flowers}

Starting with a new empty bowl, place a cheesecloth that stretches over the edges of the bowl, throw in your petals and fill with water. Let the flowers soak overnight.


{Step 3: Simmer Off Excess Water}

After soaking overnight, lift the edges of the cheesecloth to remove the flowers. Pour the flower water into a small pot and let it simmer on low heat until you have a few spoonfuls.

Tip: Watch the water like a hawk – especially after it comes to a boil. The water will evaporate VERY quickly from there.


{Step 4: Bottle It Up}

After the flower water cools down, pour it into your perfume bottle. Now you can take your favorite scent wherever you go!