Romantic Love Birds Diorama


Perfect DIY for a sweet couple or newlywed pair.


All supplies were purchased at Michael’s Arts and Crafts with the exception of the cardboard (lifted from an Amazon shipment).

DIY Newlywed Material.001{Step 1: Top}

Stick the pearl embellishments onto the paper doily and glue the doily onto the top of the container.


{Step 2: Bottom} 

Since this container does not have a lid, we will create our own. Take the piece of cardboard, place the container on top, outline the circular opening and cut. Next, we’ll cut two circles from the burlap cloth – one the size of the circular opening and another that is two inches wider in diameter than the first one. We’ll use these two burlap circles to cover the cardboard.


Take the larger burlap circle and sew it into one side of the cardboard. You can also glue or staple depending on the tools you have.


Then take the smaller burlap circle and glue it to the exposed side so the entire cardboard is covered with burlap.


{Step 3: Centerpieces} 

Cut strands of the flowers from the bouquet, arrange as desired, and glue or sew onto the bottom.


Take the gold bowl (part of the flower bouquet), make two more spokes and glue on so the bowl stands by itself. Then glue the two birds on top. Position so they are kissing 🙂


Next let’s make the sign. Take a wood piece and stamp the couples name. Tip: Try it out on paper first.


Next, glue the bowl and the sign onto the bottom.


{Step 4: Banner} 

Take the pink paper and cut out a banner-shaped triangle. Use that cutout to make 15 more so you have 16 pink triangles. Take the red paper and cut out a larger banner-shaped triangle. Again use that cutout to make 15 more so you have 16 red triangles. Use glue to stick the smaller pink triangles onto the larger red ones. Then stamp on the letters. Next, glue the triangles onto the twine string and knot the ends.


Put the container on and arrange the banner as desired. When you have the right placement, secure with glue.