Just Because…


Sometimes its the little, unexpected surprises that are the best. Here’s a super simple one that will make your hunky stud go “awww”… on the inside of course 😉 Just cut up his favorite fruit and stick a cute note in it.


DIY Strawberries Material.jpg.001


{Step 1: Prepare the Fruit}

Wash and cut the fruit and then deposit into the bowl.



{Step 2: Prepare the Note}

Determine the note you want to write. Cut out the appropriate size paper. Fold it in half. Write a note inside. Decorate the outside with stickers. Glue the back of the note onto the stick. Allow a couple minutes to dry.

DIY Stawberries.002{Step 3: Stick the Note into the Dessert}

DIY Stawberries Pinterest.003