Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift




{Step 1: Make the Border}

Take the red piece of paper and using a ruler and pencil, outline the red border for your picture frame. Cut out the border and glue on top of the white matte.


{Step 2: Paint the Letters}

Take the wood embellishments and paint them red for Valentines.

Tip: If you don’t have paint, a red marker/sharper will also do the trick but the color wont come out as smooth.


{Step 3: Sticker the Heading}

Take the sticker letters and write out “Valentines Day 2015” at the top center.


{Step 3: Sticker the Names}

Take the sticker letters and write out your names at the bottom.

Tip: I didn’t have the “+” so I took the “4” and used a black sharpie to black out parts of the “4” to turn it into a “+”.


{Step 4: Pick a Picture}

I went on Google and searched for “valentines cartoon” to see what images I’d come across. I picked the one below and printed it out.


{Step 5: Put it all together}

Take your wood embellishments and glue it onto the matte. You can also tape the picture to the back.


{Step 6: Frame it Up}

Lastly place the matte back into the frame and voila – you’ve got a sweet Valentine’s frame!