Washi Tape Monogram Letter


New Year, New Decor! Dress up your home with this beautiful monogram and start the year in style!


WhimsyPaper - Monogram - Material

{Step 1: Washi Tape It!}

Starting from the bottom, layer on one strip of washi tape after another. Slowly work your way to the top until you have covered the entire letter with the washi tape.

WhimsyPaper - Monogram - WashiTape


{Step 2: Add Flowers}

Take the decorative flowers and place them in an elegant arrangement on the corner of the letter.

WhimsyPaper - Monogram - Flowers

{Step 3: Hammer the Tacks}

Take a few tacks and hammer them into the corners of the letter for a flash of gold.

WhimsyPaper - Monogram - Tacks


{Step 4: Add the Birds}

Paint the birds purple to match the flowers and glue them near the flowers.

WhimsyPaper - Monogram - Birds

{Step 5: Make the Name}

Use the paper to make a border for the tiled letters. This will help the letters pop out more against the background of the washi tape design.

WhimsyPaper - Monogram - Name

{Step 6: Glue on the letters}

And congrats you’re done! Time to put up this beautiful Monogram Letter 🙂

WhimsyPaper - Monogram - Feature


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