Message in a Coaster


Beautiful and simple DIY: Take a set of coasters and personalize them with a message! Your friend will treasure these beauties AND save her table from beverage stains 😉


  • Coasters (pick ones with an open slot where you can insert a message)
  • Decorative Paper
  • Letter Stickers
  • Other: Scissor and Pen

WhimsyPaper - Coasters - Material

{Step 1: Outline the paper}

Take the slip of paper out of the coaster, line it up against the paper and draw the outline.

WhimsyPaper - Coasters - DrawOutline

{Step 2: Cut the Paper}

WhimsyPaper - Coasters - CutPaper

{Step 3: Sticker your message}

Determine your message and sticker it on to the papers. I did “Happy 29th Birthday Amy” in 4 separate coasters.

WhimsyPaper - Coasters - StickerMessage

{Step 4: Insert Papers into Coasters}



Voila – you now have a set of 4 beautiful coasters and a perfect gift for your friend 🙂

WhimsyPaper - Coasters - Pinterest