Holiday Name Board in 3 Easy Steps


Looking for an easy DIY to dress up your home for the holidays or to give as a Christmas gift? This adorable Holiday Name Board is the way to go! Super easy to make and totally eye-catching, it is sure to brighten a room and get the Awws…


I bought the material at Michaels. I love going there because they have everything from bare pieces to decorated ones. I chose decorated pieces today because they are a great choice for easy yet beautiful arts and crafts.

  • White Wood Board
  • Snow-Glittered Letters
  • Decorated Holiday Pieces (Snowman, Penguin, Santa)
  • Paint Buckets + Brush
  • Glue

DIY Holiday Name Board - WhimsyPaper - Raw Materialv2

{Step 1: Paint}

Use paint from the paint buckets to mix the background color in a separate container.  Apply mixed paint to board. Allow 15-30 minutes to dry depending on type of paint used. Gently pat with the tip of your finger to ensure paint has dried.

Tip: Choose a background color that will make the decorated pieces pop. I chose bright blue because of the contrast it gives the snow-glittered letters. The blue background also matches well with the soft blue lines in the Santa Claus, snowman, and penguin pieces.

DIY Holiday Name Board - WhimsyPaper - Painted Boardv2

{Step 2: Assemble}

After the board has dried, play around with the arrangement of the letters and holiday pieces until you find one you’re happy with. I tried a few below.

Tip: If you’re working with a longer name, rest assured. Michaels has lettering of all sizes. You’ll be able to find the one that works for you.

DIY Holiday Name Board - WhimsyPaper - Assemble Collagev2

{Step 3. Glue}

Pick up one piece, apply a light layer of glue to the back and gently place it back on the board. Do this to each piece until all pieces are done. Allow 5-10 minutes to dry.

DIY Holiday Name Board - WhimsyPaper - Gluev2

Viola – you’re done!

Time to hang it up or give it away and make someone happy =)

DIY Holiday Name Board - WhimsyPaper - FinalPic

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