Card-Making Merriment


A handmade card is one of the best gifts you can give. Many people adoringly display their cards around the house or store them so they can take a walk down memory lane when they want. This year, make sure the quality of your card matches the quality of your note by putting in a personal touch. Let’s get ready to make something that will pull on their heart strings 🙂


  • Core: Blank Card + Envelope, Alphabet Stamp + Ink pad
  • Embellishments: Christmas Ribbon, Wooden Bird Figures, Wooden Circles, Q-Tip, Red Paper
  • Other: Yellow Marker, Scissor, Glue

WhimsyPaper - Holiday Card - Material

{Step 1: Bring on the Red}

Cut the paper down to size and glue onto card to cover bottom ¾ of card.

Tip: A shortcut is to overlay the card on the red paper and draw the outline so you know where to cut. If this proves difficult, simply use a ruler to measure the dimensions.

WhimsyPaper - Holiday Card - Red

{Step 2: Make the Tree}

Stick: Cut the two ends of the Q-tip and glue onto the red paper. Allow a couple minutes to dry

WhimsyPaper - Holiday Card - Stick

Tree: Measure and cut 6 inches of ribbon. Start forming the outline of the tree by gluing the top of the ribbon above the stick at the diagonal angle shown in the picture. When that dries, measure an inch from the top and bend the ribbon to the left side. Use glue to secure this first bend. Continue to apply glue as you bring the ribbon across to the left side. Secure the 2nd bend with glue. Allow a couple of minutes for the glue to dry as you go along. Repeat for two more bends until you are able to bring the ribbon straight across to outline the bottom of the tree.

Tip: Making the tree is the trickiest part. It may take a couple tries but be patient and you will get it!!

WhimsyPaper - Holiday Card - Tree

{Step 3: Make the Name}

Take the wooden circles and use the marker to color one side. Allow a couple minutes to dry. Then pick the letter stamp you need, press it on the ink pad and stamp into the middle of the circle. Repeat through the letters until you have a full name.

Tip: If you’re working with a longer name, you can either: 1) do just the initials or 2) forgo the wooden circles and stamp the letters directly onto the paper.

WhimsyPaper - Holiday Card - Name

{Step 4: Glue on the embellishments}

Name: Take the circles and play around with the arrangement of the name until you come to one you like. Then one by one, pick one up, apply glue on the back and set it back down. Allow a couple minutes to dry.

Birds: Take the birds, apply glue on the back and set them down on the paper. Allow a couple minutes to dry.

WhimsyPaper - Holiday Card - Birds

{Step 5: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star}

Take the little crystal stickers and stick them onto the paper.

WhimsyPaper - Holiday Card - Stars

Viola you are done!

WhimsyPaper - Holiday Card - Final


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WhimsyPaper - Holiday Card - Pinterest

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